Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons Class

Where can I carry my gun?  What's the best gun to carry? Can I take my gun on vacation?  We teach this and more in our class.  You'll take an "Open Book" test,  and then you'll shoot your gun from seven yards.  IF YOU CAN LOAD AND SHOOT YOUR GUN, YOU CAN  PASS THIS CLASS

CCDW class Instructor Tom Stratton
Cost $85.00
- Click here to email
For more information call or text 859.940.3240
S&D Indoor Range, 40 E. Brannon, Nicholasville, 40356






THURSDAY MAY 24th 9am-3pm
THURSDAY JUNE 7th 9am-3pm

TUESDAY JUNE 26th 9am-3pm


Normally classes cover:
* Legal Issues 
* Handgun Safety  
* Handgun Fundamentals
* Marksmanship Fundamentals
* Carry Concealed Issues 
* Ammunition
* Handgun Cleaning


















I'm Tom Stratton, and I've been a CCDW 
since 2012. I've always preferred 
teaching at S&D Indoor Range, Nicholasville.
The classroom is nice and well lit, the indoor 
range is perfect. You'll enjoy the class and 
it's easier than 
you think


Will you please read this - it's very important:
(1) Bring a Photo ID showing you're 21 
     and a resident of Kentucky.  
(2) Don't bring anyone with you that isn't a 
participant in the class.
(3) Bring only one gun, in a case. 
(4) Bring 20 rounds of ammo


(5) Bring a snack and/or a lunch. 
      If we don't stop we get out earlier.  
(6) Bring $85 (cash, credit, or debit card) 
per person.  ($75 for class + $10  range fee)

Are you worried about shooting? You see how much bigger the qualifying target is. 
(1) You shoot from 7 yards. (2) You shoot 20 times and you have to hit 
anywhere in the black 11 times.  (3) That's all there is to it - you get your license.


























The Kentucky State Police was authorized by KRS 237.110 to issue and renew licenses to carry concealed 
firearms or other deadly weapons, or a combination thereof, to qualified persons. For more information click here 
to visit the Kentucky State Police website.

Kentucky State Police
919 Versailles Road Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 782-9781


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